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Full Valet

Our full valet is not a service that you probably know from petrol stations or quick valeting centers , we take pride for our
work so our valets are done to reach our highest standards. Full Valet involves the  complete deep cleaning of the interior and the exterior,
 the paint is lightly polished and waxed. In our full valets we use the same techniques as in our detail jobs , but due to the budget of
this service the main goal is to clean the car to the highest possible standard, while during detail jobs we aim for restoration and a maximum of protection.

  • Snow foam & rinse
  • Safe Hand Wash with microfibre mitt
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Tar removed
  • Snow faom & rinse to remove tar remover film residue
  • Dry
  • Light polish
  • Glass polished
  • Trims and seals dressed
  • Durable Wax apllied
  • Sills & hinges cleaned
  • Vacuum
  • All upholstery shampooed ( roof cloth , seats carpets , door panels , mats , boot liner)
  • Seats removed from the interior if necessary
  • Upholstery dried
  • Dashboard and all other plastics cleaned and conditioned to new look
  • Glass cleaned
  • If leather interior , all leather cleaned and treated with a high quality products
  • Air freshener

          Duration 6 - 10  hrs
     Price from €150
Price is  based on an avarage sized car in fair condition, bigger and very dirty vehicles take longer to valet so might cost extra.

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