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We are an exclusive distributor in Ireland of some popular detailing brands: ADBL, Vasco, Work Stuff, Cleantle, Good Stuff, Aqua, FX Protect, Ultracoat, Geist, Furviking, MJJC, Swag, NAT polishing pads, Kecav, OCD Detailing.

If you run detailing/valeting or any other automotive-related shop and want to resale products from any of our brands, contact us for wholesale offers.

If you run a detailing/valeting business and want to use top-quality products for your services, contact us for a bulk offer.

If you are a detailing enthusiast or professional and want to participate in our affiliate program, sign up on our website. After registration, contact us for details.

Contact us via email hello@ocddetailing.ie
Peter- 0872619541
Emily – 0870975758

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