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ADBL Dual Action Polisher

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ADBL RollerD09125-01’s small weight and compact construction let the user reach the places still inaccessible for other, similar tools.
Due to the machine’s short head and firm body, it is possible to work with demanding elements, such as bumpers or aerodynamics packages.


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ADBL DUAL ACTION Polisher Roller D019125-01

Are you looking for your first dual action polisher? If so, this one may be ideal for you. ADBL Roller 09125 is the perfect tool for beginners as well as for professionals. It is a lightweight machine with plenty of power for such a small machine. Ergonomic shape provides a very comfortable work. The polisher has a very effective soft start. Thanks to that, the machine is straightforward to control from the start. A long power cable allows you to work comfortably. Overall this machine is failure-free due to its well-thought and validated construction.

Is this polishing machine suitable for beginners?

Absolutely; among various dual action polishers, we recommend this machine for beginners with no or some experience. The machine is straightforward to control. 9 mm throw allows users with no experience to achieve exceptional results with some practice. This dual action polisher is way handier when we compare it to machines with bigger throws. The machine is very well-priced and comes with a 3-inch backing plate. Thank to that, you don’t need to buy a smaller machine for areas the 5-inch backing plate is too big. Overall, ADBL Roller 09125 is the perfect solution for a start-up machine. However, please remember that this dual action polisher is not designed for extremely heavy use every day. It will do perfectly for weekend warriors and casual users for freshening up the paintwork as well as for correcting. We recommend a polisher with a bigger throw for everyday use and advanced work.

Is this dual action polisher suitable for professionals?

Here at OCD Detailing, we use this machine on a regular basis for all light polishing. We find this machine ideal for light freshening up the paintwork, paint gloss enhancements of medium or soft paints, as well as for the finishing stage of all types of paints. Due to its small 9mm throw, we can reduce the aggressivity of our polishing combination. This is very helpful, especially when it comes to susceptible paints. As every professional knows, various polishers are essential for the efficiency and effectiveness of work. Because of that, this dual action polisher is on our shelf between other machines.

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Technical specification of ADBL Dual Action Polisher:

Maximal orbit 9 mm
Diameter polishing pad 125 mm
Diameter backing pad 125 mm
Input power 650W
Rounds per minute (rpm) 2000 – 6400
Cord length 5 m Weight 2 kg
Electronic speed control YES
Soft start trigger YES Protection class II
Operating voltage 230 V/ 50 Hz

Box contents:

ADBL Dual Action Polisher Roller D09125-01
125 mm backing plate– 1pc.
Side grip – 1pc. „D”-type grip – 1pc
Allen Key – 1pc.
Carbon brushes – 1 set.
Instruction manual.

FREE 3 inch backing plate

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Check out our video about the use of ADBL Roller D09125-01


9mm Dual Action Model 2, 9mm Dual Action Model 1 + Free 3inch backing plate

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