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ADBL Spirits 50ml


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ADBL Spirits premium car fragrances.


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ADBL spirit – car fragrance. Discover the world of remarkable scents inspired by our common passion.

A totally new idea of car fragrances emerged at the beginning of 2017.

Underlying assumptions:

  1. Real car fragrance.
  2. Giving car interior a spirit via scent.
  3. Lasting about 4 days from only 4 sprays.
  4. A new experience for a driver

This is how the project SPIRITS has begun.

Members of the ADBL Research Team developed a wide range of fragrances formulas that were being tested according to their durability and stability. We chose a dozen among hundreds of aromas that originated inter alia from French and Italian perfume houses for our car fragrances.

The ultimate fragrance selection was based on multi-stage sensory evaluation tests conducted on more than a thousand people. Now you know why we have asked you to fill out surveys and smell scent samples at a lot of automotive events.

It is you who have given the final shape to this project by speaking up to your taste and expectations.

It is thanks to you, dear Car Lovers, that we have the possibility to show the results of our shared work and passion, the Perfumes.

Briefly, it is how ADBL got the idea about car fragrances.

Think, how much time do you spend in your car? The way to work… travels, journeys, holiday trips, downtown nights out. Or maybe the car is simply your workplace? Moreover, who are you driving with? And how would you like them to feel in a place of such importance to you?

Spirits by ADBL is a choice given by exclusive car fragrances. It is a reflection of your emotions, yourself and essentially your car soul.

Which spirit do you choose?

ADBL Spirits come in six various scents: Desire, Speed, Hays, Posh, Fame, Miss.



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