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AQUA Wheel Ceramic Coating


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AQUA Wheel Coating Alloy Protection

Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating from Aqua is a revolutionary, durable and hydrophobic coating. The product protects aluminium, chrome, painted and polished wheels. The maintenance of coated wheels is straightforward. You no longer need strong alkaline or acid agents to wash them. The Aqua Wheel Coating enhances the look of your wheels, and at the same time, perfectly protects them.

A single application of the product protects alloys for up to 24 months. High hydrophobicity makes the surfaces protected with the product repels water molecules and prevents the formation of stains. Cleaning the rims also becomes much easier thanks to the reduced adhesion of dirt. AQUA Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating is an innovative formula that does not compromise!

15ml bottle is sufficient to coat 1 set of large alloys or 2 seats of small size alloys

Why Should I use AQUA Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating?

Clean and tidy rims are every driver’s dream. However, everyone knows that you need a lot of energy and effort to care for rims to achieve such an effect.  Depending on the conditions, a single application of the product provides surface protection for up to 24 months. Therefore it is a highly efficient product.

The high hydrophobicity of AQUA Wheel Coating makes the surfaces protected with the product effectively reflect water particles and prevent the formation of stains. In turn, thanks to the reduced adhesion of dirt (e.g. road salt, dust or mud), cleaning the rims becomes much more straightforward, requires less effort and does not have to be done as often as before the AQUA Wheel Coating application.

A significant advantage of the AQUA Wheel Coating coating is also the ease of application. It is enough to thoroughly clean and degrease the protected surface twice, apply the preparation on it. After a few minutes, polish the cleaned surface with a dry microfiber cloth (detailed instructions for the AQUA Wheel Coating application are attached to the product).

In summary, AQUA Wheel Coating is less dirty rims, has easier cleaning, high hydrophobicity of protected surfaces, sensational performance, impressive durability (up to 2 years!), simple application. Perfectly protected rims in your car? Of course! Try our excellent AQUA Wheel Coating and see how easy it is to take care of it!


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