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AUTOPIA Blast Wheel Cleaner



​This is a very heavy-duty acid wheel cleaner, for removing the heaviest and most stubborn soiling and contamination. It quickly dissolves all manner of brake deposits. It can be diluted and will thicken when diluted, allowing the user to paint the product in place, in the case of really heavy deposits, giving the necessary contact time and inhibiting drying out. Dilute as required, may be used neat if desired.





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AUTOPIA Blast Acidic Based Very Effective Wheel Cleaner

Autopia Blast Wheel Cleaner is the most potent product for cleaning alloy wheels in our range. It is acid based wheel cleaner that we can use on even the most stubborn contaminants. It dissolves all types of brake dust regardless of how dirty the wheels are. However, we need to be aware that this product, due to its power, should be used with care. While using Autopia Blast, we should use protective goggles and gloves.

We can dilute Autopia Blast Wheel Cleaner to the required strength. For moderate dirt, recommended dilution is between 1-10 to 1-5, and it will still perform exceptionally well. But for heavily caked brake dust, we may need to use the product neat for the best and quickest results. After use, we should rinse the wheels with a lot of water. In the case of prolonged contact of the wheel cleaner with rinse, we should apply an alkaline-based product to neutralize the low PH of Autopia Blast. For example, alkaline-based wheel cleaner or snow foam.

How to remove brake dust from wheels with Autopia Blast?

1. Prepare a solution with the required strength ( dilution up to 1-10)
2. Spray the cleaner on the wheels.
3. Agitate the Autopia Blast with a wheel brush if necessary.
4. Leave the product to work for 2-3 minutes.
5. Rinse it off well with water

Additional tips.
Do not use this product on chrome, polished aluminium and any other delicate wheels.
Avoid contact of Autopia Blast with any delicate surfaces; paint, plastic trims etc.
Spot test the surface that you intend to clean.
The cleaner Contains less than 5 % Amphoteric surfactants.

*Suppose other wheel cleaners are not able to manage a heavy brake dust build-up. Autopia Blast is the product that you need.


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