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CLEANTLE / CleanTech Shot Foam Upholstery Cleaner


Shot Foam is an extraction or manual cleaning product for cleaning car upholstery. It is safe for fabrics. Thanks to the modern formula of the product, cleaning the upholstery is easy and pleasant.







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CleanTech Shot Foam – car upholstery cleaner

Shot Foam is a car upholstery cleaner for use in extraction machines or manual cleaning. It is safe for fabrics. Thanks to the modern formula of the product, cleaning upholstery is easy and pleasant. Thanks to the alkaline PH of the product, we can easily remove the most difficult stains without worrying about the formation of stains or stains after washing. Shot Foam is highly concentrated, which makes it very efficient. In addition, the preparation has been enriched with a pleasant cherry scent so that we can enjoy the clean and fresh interior of our car.
Product features:

highly efficient product
delicate and fresh cherry scent
easy to use
very effective and safe
can be used in extraction machine or manual cleaning


1: 10-1: 20 in extraction vacuum cleaners
1: 0-1: 10 for manual cleaning or as a pre-spray

Directions for use:

1. Dilute the product as indicated on the label.
2. Use the product in accordance with the instructions for use of the extraction machine.

pH 11- alkaline

Do not use the product for cleaning leather or leather-like surfaces.













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