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Colourlock Leather Ballpoint Pen & Biro Remover 9.5 ml


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Removes ballpoint pen marks and similar discolouration from pigmented top-grain leather.

Amount: 9,5 ml





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COLOURLOCK Ballpoint Pen Remover

How to use COLOURLOCK Ballpoint Remover

Ballpoint pen marks are not easy to remove from furniture and car leather. If the mark is fresh, there is a better chance of cleaning it off but, if it has been there for more than three days, the area will have to be coloured.

Before starting to remove pen marks, first identify the type of leather. Incorrect cleaning methods can increase the damage. We distinguish between the following types of leather when cleaning stains and marks:

Pigmented leather: Pigmented smooth leather is leather with a protective layer of paint on the surface. A drop of water rubbed in does not sink into the leather but rolls off. Pigmented leathers generally have a satin finish and a grained surface.
Aniline leather is porous, smooth leather. A drop of water rubbed in will penetrate and darken the surface.
Suede is the reverse side of a smooth leather or both sides of split leather.
Nubuck is the sanded grain side of a smooth leather to create a soft, velvety effect.
PU-Leather / Bycast leather / Bicast leather is a split leather (suede) with a grained film of polyurethane applied to the surface. Such leather is usually shiny with a plastic-like appearance.






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