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Colourlock MERCEDES Leather Paint


​COLOURLOCK Leather Colour is the best choice for recolouring or changing the colour of pigmented Napa leather, vinyl and plastic. Leather Colour is applied with a spray gun or an airbrush. The leather colour has a high covering power but still maintains the features of the leather.





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Colourlock Mercedes Leather Paint

Mercedes Leather paint is a colour restorer for professional use. Thanks to this product, you can revitalise the leather’s original colour. Moreover, you can fix various abrasions or fade. These usually appear on the car seat bolsters or the entire surface. If your leather needs fresh paint, but you have no experience in leather restoration, check DIY dyes. Check out our course if you would like to learn how to use the Colourlock system.

The paint requires a top coat. Thanks to separate layers ( paint and the top coat), the leather is restored to a factory finish similarly. Therefore, check out the list of colours on our website. If the list doesn’t show the colour of your leather, you can send us a piece of the leather sample ( off cut from underneath the seat or headrest).

Mercedes Leather paint comes in a 250ml bottle. This amount is usually sufficient to treat a complete car interior in moderate condition. However, if the leather in your car has significant signs of wear or you want to change the colour, contact us for advice. The leather paint is suitable also for handbags, shoes and other leather accessories, vinyl, artificial leather or hard plastic.

Why should I use Colourlock Mercedes Leather Paint?

Mercedes Leather paint from Colourlock is the best choice for recolouring or changing the colour of pigmented, Napa leather, vinyl and plastic. You should apply the Dye with a spray gun or an airbrush. The Dye has a high covering power but still maintains the features of the leather. Moreover, you can use the dye for converting nubuck to napa and aniline leather to pigmented leather. The Dye is a water-based formula. Therefore, that gives extremely high adhesion values if you use it correctly. Moreover, leading manufacturers use Colourlock products in the automotive, furniture and aircraft industry. The COLOURLOCK repair method requires that you also use other products. Therefore you will also need; Primer, Top Coat and Crosslinker for the best long-lasting results. Mercedes Leather Paint comes in many different colours.

How To Restore Car Leather Upholstery





250ml, 1l


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