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Colourlock Leather Shield


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New leather should be treated with our COLOURLOCK Leather Shield within the first three years to protect it against traces of wear and abrasion, as well as discolouration from clothing (dye transfer). The driver’s seat (entry bolsters of sports seats and high support cushions) usually begin showing typical signs of wear over the first three years. Leather Shield will prevent this. Treat the driver’s seat every three months, the rest of the leather every six to twelve months.

Amount: 150 ml, 1l





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COLOURLOCK Leather Shield

Colourlock Leather Shield is a product that seals leather, slows down wearing and makes maintenance very easy. Modern leather requires a proper approach to last for a long time. That’s why it is well worth taking care of it properly. The product creates a protective barrier that slows down the wearing of the leather. Moreover, surface sealed with Colourlock Shield leather coating is easier to clean. We can apply the product to any leather: genuine or artificial leather. We strongly recommend using the coating on new leather. It protects the leather against traces of wear and abrasion, as well as discolouration from clothing (dye transfer). Do not use the product on porous leather. For example aniline, suede, nubuck. The product leaves like a new matt finish.


How to use COLOURLOCK Shield

Application area: New pigmented (genuine leather) or surface-coloured leather in cars, furniture, jackets and handbags. (Not to be used on porous leathers, suede or nubuck)


Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour. Moisten a terry cloth slightly with COLOURLOCK Leather Shield and let dry. Do not buff or polish immediately after application. One application is sufficient. Repeat every three months on strained surfaces. Clean off any dirt first with COLOURLOCK Mild/Strong Leather Cleaner.




150ml, 1L

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