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FURVIKING Pet Hair Removal Tool (Shipping Cost €2.99)


FurViking-Ultimate pet hair removal tool

The easiest and fastest method to remove pet hair from difficult surfaces.



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 FURVIKING Pet Hair Removal Tool

Furviking pet hair removal tool is an innovative solution for everyone who owns pets. The most significant benefits of this product are; its compact size, well prized, but what is most essential works exceptionally well. The product was created in Finland, and even though it is fresh on the market, it has become increasingly popular worldwide. If you own a pet that sheds a lot, you know the pain of removing the hair from fabric surfaces. This product will save you time and struggle with the mess that your pet does. The Furviking pet hair removal tool is ideal for cleaning your car and house.

We are the official distributor of Furviking in Ireland. If you own a pet shop, boarding kennel, or any other business involving pets, and you are interested in reselling the Furviking tool, contact us.
Email: hello@ocddetailing.ie
Ph. 0872619541

furviking pet hair removal tool

How to remove pet hair with the Furrviking tool?

furviking pet hair removal tool

Almost 60% of households in Ireland have at least one fur baby; they are part of the family.

The fur shedding is like an annoying little brother; no matter how much you groom them, the shedding on carpets, pillows, sofas and all areas of the car is inevitable.

The inventor of the FurViking saw an issue and manufactured the solution. The FurViking is unlike any other fur removal product; its durable but flexible dual blades allow the removal of hair/fur to occur quickly, efficiently and effortlessly while being gentle and causing no damage to the fabric. Take a look at our videos to see just how effortless it is.


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