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FX PROTECT Interior Cleaner




When working with our Interior Cleaner, you will be enveloped in a pleasant and refreshing smell, which perfectly neutralizes unpleasant odors and refreshes the air.






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FX Protect Interior Cleaner

FX Protect Interior Cleaner. We realize that you have probably heard the phrase, “if something is good for everything, it is good for nothing.” But you know what? We are convinced that you won’t even think like that for a moment about this product! Where do you get that confidence? Let us explain what makes our Interior Cleaner stand out among products of this type and what makes it simply unique.

  • The content of the active form of oxygen – thanks to this, the preparation penetrates deeper into the structure of the cleaned surface, lifts the dirt bubbles, which finally makes it easy to cope with even persistent contamination.


  • Sugar-based surfactant content – As you probably know, surfactants are essential in this type of product. Without their washing properties, you wouldn’t be able to clean anything in the world. The most common type of surfactants is synthetic ones that threaten the environment and our delicate skin. Interior Cleaner is a revolutionary product that consists only of sugar surfactants obtained from renewable sources. What does it mean? First of all, Interior Cleaner is entirely safe for the environment, non-toxic, and 99% biodegradable.


  • The recipe was created for the sake of the ecological environment – our brand is created by people who are fully aware of the importance of caring for our planet. When formulating product recipes, we try to make them as effective as possible and contain as many ingredients of natural origin as possible. We are proud that we have managed to create a product that will significantly take care of the surfaces you clean and not harm the ecological environment.

Fx Protect Interior Cleaner is ideal for the following surfaces :

  • plastic
  • vinyl
  • rubber
  • textile textiles

  Why should I choose this interior cleaner?

  • ready to use, does not require dilution
  • simple and easy to apply
  • does not require rinsing
  • sold with an atomizer enabling precise application of the product
  • available in 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml

FX Protect takes care of the minor details in detailed projects. In addition to ensuring the highest quality, their products have a beautiful colour and a wonderful fragrance. When working with our Interior Cleaner, you will enjoy its pleasant and refreshing smell, which perfectly neutralizes unpleasant odours and refreshes the air.




500ml, 1L, 5L

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