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GOOD STUFF Fabric Cleaner


Good Stuff Fabric Cleaner spray is the perfect solution for freshening up upholstery in your car.


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GOOD STUFF Fabric Cleaner Spray

Good Stuff Fabric Cleaner spray is the perfect solution for freshening up upholstery in your car. It is a ready-to-use product with excellent cleaning power. If you have no access to an extractor, this is a “must-have” product. This product is dedicated to every car enthusiast who wants to clean their car regularly. The well-balanced PH of the product also allows you to use it on surfaces where an extractor is not recommended. For example, headliners, fabric door cards etc.
Moreover, you can safely use the Fabric Cleaner Spray on fabric upholstery and Alcantara. A lovely citrus scent makes your work more pleasant. However, bare in mind that in the case of heavily soiled upholstery, you should consider using an extraction machine and dedicated stain removers. I love this fabric cleaner for its effectiveness and ease of use.

fabric cleaner 500ml bottle

How to use Good Stuff Upholstery Cleaner?

First, start by vacuuming and removing as much loose dirt as possible. If you have an upholstery brush or drill brush attachment, use them to get a deeper clean. Once you finish vacuuming, spray the fabric cleaner on the surface. Agitate it with an upholstery brush or drill brush attachment or interior mitt. Leave it to dwell for a few minutes. If necessary, repeat the previous stages. Then use a damp microfibre cloth a rub it over the surface. Rinse off the cloth in clean water and rub the surface again. Keep going until you will achieve a satisfactory result.
Leave it to dry.

good stuff fabric cleaner spray


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