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Poorboys World White Diamond 473 ml


Poorboys World White Diamond is a unique polish/glaze designed for light-coloured cars. Hides minor imperfections and gives an amazing look to the paint.


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In stock

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 Poorboys World White Polish for light-colored cars

Poorboy’s White Diamond Show Glaze for light vehicles hides light imperfections and improves gloss to give your vehicle a show car shine! Apply Poorboy’s World White Diamond Show Glaze at any time to conceal minor blemishes. All white, silver and light colours will shine like diamonds!
Poorboy’s White Diamond Show Glaze for light vehicles contains gentle cleaners to lift dirt and oil out of delicate swirls. By cleaning the swirls, they appear less noticeable. Fillers then conceal the swirls to create the illusion of perfectly smooth paint. Once a wax or sealant is applied, your vehicle will look flawless!


  • Formulated exclusively for light-coloured vehicles.
  • It hides light imperfections and improve gloss to give your vehicle a show car shine
  • It can be applied in the sun or shade.
  • Apply it by hand or machine to create an incredibly slick, glossy surface.
  • Wipe on, and wipe off the product.
  • It hides minor imperfections and enhances the gloss

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