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Full Detail 2006 Porsche Cayman Paint Correction

A while ago, we had this Porsche Cayman in for a full detail service; the car’s exterior on arrival was in quite a poor condition, the paint had a lot of swirl marks and deeper scratches. We performed paint correction and applied a ceramic coating.

Decontamination before a paint correction.

As with every detailed service, we started with thorough preparation before machine polishing. We started with the application of Vasco Prewash – contactless tar remover. After about 1 hour, we rinsed off the product with a power washer. This removed the tar and initially prewashed the loose dirt. Then with a snow foam gun, we applied ADBL Alkaline Snow Foam on the car; after about 7 minutes, we rinsed off the snow foam.


The next step was 2 bucket method wash with ADBL Shampoo Pro. To remove any fallout, we used ADBL Vampire liquid which is very effective for this purpose. In the meantime, we cleaned the wheels initially with Autopia Wheel Bright, and we cleaned the tires with ADBL Tire & Rubber Cleaner. We left the iron remover for about 15 minutes on the paint, and then we rinsed it off. Then we clay barred all the paintwork and glass with Bilt Hamber clay bar and ADBL Slippy – clay bar lubricant. After all, we rinsed the car again and dried it with Work Stuff King – a premium drying towel.

 Paint Correction

The car was ready then for a paint correction. First of all, we thoroughly inspected the paint with Brayt inspection light, and we measured all the panels with a paint depth gauge.


After the assessment, we started to look for the most effective and efficient combination for paint correction. The most reasonable option for the cutting stage was a combination Makita positive-driven dual-action machine, NAT Slash white cutting pad and Scholl S2 heavy cut compound. We used Liquid Elements T4000 Dual Action Polisher and Nat medium-soft red polishing pad and Sonax Perfect Finish for the refining stage. Single deeper scratches we removed with Liquid Elements mini polisher. For smaller surfaces, we also used Rupes 75mm Dual Action with Zvizzer polishing pads. To control the quality of work, we used the Brayt inspection light and ADBL Wipe Out Pro.

After performing paint correction, we brought the car into our wash bay, where we snew foamed the car and rinsed it off and also we removed the wheels and detailed wheels and arches. Then we dried the car and finally inspected the paint.

Car Interior Detail

The interior was in very reasonable condition; we thoroughly vacuumed the whole interior. All carpets we freshened up with ADBL Bonnet and extractor machine. We cleaned the plastics with ADBL Interior Cleaner, glass with ADBL Glass Pro. The plastic surfaces we dressed with ADBL Interior Wow. The leather required a deep clean, so we used one of the best leather cleaner Colourlock Strong Cleaner, which did a perfect job. Then we treated the leather with Colourlock Shield; this product stops wearing and creates a protective barrier on the leather.


Ceramic coating paint protection

After completing the interior, we started to apply protective coatings to the exterior. We used Aqua 9h self-healing ceramic coating; we coated the wheels with Gtechinq C5, Glass with Aqua Glass Protection, the exterior trims with Brayt R1, Tires with ADBL Tire Dressing. After 12 hours from the application of Aqua 9h, we topped it up with Aqua Booster.


Final result


Porsche Detailing



The whole process took us about 30 hours in total, we achieved very satisfying results, and the car owner was delighted with the final results. If you would like to give your car the best service contact us on 0872619541

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