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MJJC Foam Gun

We are delighted to announce that we have become the exclusive distributor of MJJC Foam Gun s in Ireland. The MJJC Foam Cannons are high-quality products designed for the most demanding professionals and detailing enthusiasts. The Foam lances come in excellent packaging, and all parts of the foam guns are made with great attention to detail. However, what is most important is that the MJJC foam lances work exceptionally well with all types of power washers. They produce great thick foam; you can also adjust the thickness of the foam right to your needs. With these foam guns, you also save the amount of solution you need to wash your car.
MJJC Foam Cannon Pro in 2021 won 1st place for the best snow foam cannon in the Aut Express Competition.

Where can I buy The Foam Gun?

Foam Cannons are available from:
OCD Detailing ( Ferbane Co.Offaly) Retail & Wholesale
Wash Me (Cork)
MCG Autostyling (Kells)
Autopia (Roscommon)
RBV Plates (Monaghan)
Car Shine (Limerick)
Collooney Car Valeting (Sligo)

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