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Colourlock Volkswagen VW Leather dye


Volkswagen VW Leather Dye (Leather Fresh) is a one-step colour restorer. Thanks to this product, you can revitalise the leather’s original colour.






Colourlock Volkswagen VW leather dye

Volkswagen VW Leather Dye is a one-step colour restorer. Thanks to this product, you can revitalise the leather’s original colour. Moreover, you can fix abrasions or slight fading that usually appear on the car seat bolsters. If your leather needs fresh paint, this leather dye is perfect for it. Therefore, check out the list of colours on our website. If the list doesn’t show the colour of your leather, you can send us a piece of the leather sample ( off cut from underneath the seat or headrest.

Volkswagen VW Leather dye comes in 150 ml. This amount is usually sufficient to treat a complete car interior in moderate condition. However, if the leather in your car is significantly worn or you want to change the colour, contact us for advice. The leather dye is suitable also for handbags, shoes and other leather accessories, vinyl, artificial leather or hard plastic.

How to restore leather with the Volkswagen VW Leather Dye?

Always test any products first on a hidden area to test for the colour match!

Firstly, clean the leather thoroughly and prep the surface. Use Mild Leather Cleaner against average degrees of soiling. However, for removing heavier dirt (where the leather has been neglected for many years use Strong Leather Cleaner. Overall, cleaning before treatment ensures the Volkswagen VW Leather Dye bonds to the surface well and ensures durability. Use a leather cleaning brush to remove all dirt effectively. Cleaning removes dirt, but for long-lasting results, you should also de-grease using a solvent cleaner. After cleaning dry the surface well with a heat gun or hair dryer.

Use a sponge to apply the leather fresh evenly, working from seam to seam.
Dabbing is the best method for applying to achieve a nice finish.
Dry afterwards with a hairdryer. In small spots, a simple application is sufficient. Apply multiple thin layers and dry each layer using a hairdryer or heat gun.

After restoring the surface with Volkswagen VW Leather Dye. We recommend applying the Leather Protector a day later. It gives the leather a good sheen and helps blend the repair. The product contains antioxidants, which stop the leather’s decay, and its UV filters protect the surfaces of old and valuable leathers from bleaching and fading. It also keeps the leather supple.





150ml, 300ml, 450 ml, 900 ml



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