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GTECHNIQ ExOv4 Ceramic Coating




EXO’s leading characteristics have been the superior hydrophobic function it imparts and the glorious shine it delivers. Now in its 4th formulation, Gtechniq EXO offers the very pinnacle of these, making it a dream to look at – and maintain – combatting even in the harshest of weather conditions.



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GTECHNIQ Exo V4 Ceramic Coating

Gtechniq EXO’s leading characteristic is the superior hydrophobic function. It imparts and the glorious shine it delivers. Now in its 4th formulation, the coating offers the very pinnacle of these. Making it a dream to look at – and maintain. But it is also combatting even in the harshest of weather conditions. However, Gtechniq’s new formulation has resulted in lower volatile organic compound composition and slower flash-off times.

As a result, Gtechniq EXO V4 is significantly more straightforward to apply than the previous version allowing for longer working times. Durability tests have shown around 30% improvement in performance even during winter, particularly in the coating’s ability to withstand heavily salted roads. Additionally, the slower flash-off time allows the hydrophobic film to form a more even layer, giving v4 its most hydrophobic effect ever.

How to use Gtechniq Coating EXO?

– You can apply the Gtechniq EXO v4  as a stand-alone sealant or as a top layer for Crystal Serum Light (CSL) or C1 Crystal Lacquer (recommended particularly for darker colours, easy to mark paintwork, or if added swirl resistance and durability are required).
– Leave between 2 and 12 hours for C1 to cure before applying Gtechniq EXO v4
– Can be applied immediately over CSL (start at the same point and follow the panels in order). Do not leave CSL for longer than 24 hours if planning to apply EXO v4.

– Ensure the vehicle is clean and dry, and the paintwork is swirl-free and prepared with Panel Wipe (not necessary if applying over C1 / CSL).

How to apply Gtechniq EXO?

– Apply 5 – 10 drops of EXO v4 to the supplied applicator and work the liquid into the pad to get an even saturation.
– Apply to the panel using overlapping strokes. Work on an area of around 60cm x 60cm at a time.
– If the panel is 15 degrees C or lower, allow EXO v4 to cure for two minutes. Then remove the residue with a soft clean microfibre. For temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees C, allow one minute to elapse before buffing. For temperatures higher than 25 degrees, buff immediately.

– Remove the residue entirely with a new microfibre.
– Apply a second layer of Gtechniq EXO v4 immediately to ensure ease of buffing
– Allow EXO v4 to cure for a minimum of 12 hours before exposing it to rain.
– Allow at least one week before washing your vehicle.

Shelf lifespan of the coating.

– Unopened bottles of EXO v4 have a 12-month shelf life from the time of purchase
– Once you open the  bottles of EXO v4, you should store them in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight
– Opened bottles have a maximum life of 3 months

What Gtechniq Exo Includes?

EXO v4
pair of nitrile gloves
AP2 Ultra Soft Foam Filled Applicator Pad
Master Instruction Leaflet
WS1 Gtechniq Window Sticker

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