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Polytop Velox Shine Quick Detailer 750ml


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Polytop Velox Shine Quick Detailer

The next new products in our offer are Polytop Velox Shine and Velox Care. Extensive testing of both products has allowed us to perfect them to ensure quick action and the best results.

Velox Shine is the latest product in the Quick Detailer series. Its strengths include maximum colour enhancement, fast application, and ease of use. The paint becomes very smooth, the colour is more vivid, and it provides excellent hydrophobicity.

Velox Care is a product designed to remove water spots from paint. These water stains, particularly difficult to remove and common during the summer, can be easily eliminated with Velox Care without needing water.

As the name Velox suggests, speed is key. Hence, the product has been perfected to deliver the best results while significantly reducing working time.


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