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Iron Fallout Remover

Car care is essential to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Some issues are more severe than others, and some, such as iron fallout, are difficult to notice. Ignoring iron fallout makes your entire vehicle accumulate on your car, and the car gets dirty quicker.

Even if not many people notice iron fallout on their cars, it’s best to take care of those micro spots of iron at least a couple of times a year. Fortunately, doing it is easy since you only need to get decent fallout removers for the job.

iron fallout remover for car

As their name suggests, Fallout removers remove iron fallout, but you need to know more things about them before buying the product. Read this page to learn everything you need to eliminate iron fallout from your car!

Since iron fallout is not an obvious issue for many people, not everyone knows what a fallout remover is. In a nutshell, a fallout remover is a product -mostly coming as a liquid or gel. Therefore, you can remove iron particles from your car by applying the product with a spray bottle.

Most of these products are PH neutral and use colour change technology. Therefore, they are excellent for removing iron without damaging your car’s paint.

Why Should We Use Fallout Remover on a Car?

Heavy built up of iron fallout makes your car’s paint rough in touch. Therefore you should get a fallout remover because clean, smooth paint stays cleaner for longer. Another reason is that iron spots accumulate on the paint for years and may turn into rust. You can find removers at most shops that sell car care products.

Although it’s a chemical product, you don’t need to worry about fallout removers damaging your car’s paint. They are PH Neutral, and even though their smell usually isn’t the best, they are entirely safe for all exterior surfaces.

How To Use Iron Fallout Remover?

We apply the iron fallout remover onto the entire car’s surface because metal-based contaminants are on the whole surface. The application should be performed after the wash and tar removal stage when the vehicle is free of road dirt and tar. However, we achieve the best effectiveness by applying it to a dry surface.

Spray a light mist of iron fallout remover on the paintwork. Wait the time that the manufacturer recommends, making sure that the product does not dry on the surface. However, in the case of a heavily contaminated surface, you may need to leave the product to work longer, or sometimes repeat the application. Then rinse it thoroughly with water under pressure. After such treatment, it is worth rewashing the car with a shampoo to remove the remnants of the product from the surface.

What Product Should I Buy to Get Rid of Bonded Iron Contamination?

Not all products can get rid of iron contamination, and you should only trust fallout removers for the matter. Naturally, some products are of better quality than others, so it’s still important to look for the best ones you can find on the market.

For our services, we mainly use fallout removers from ADBL; ADBL Vampire ( Gel), ADBL Vampire Light and ADBL Vampire Liquid. All the products are very effective and safe for all exterior surfaces. Therefore, you can choose the right one for various tasks.


You can go for ADBL Vampire Liquid for general fallout removal if you want to go for the product’s liquid version instead of the gel-type one. The main benefit of doing so is that this version is straightforward to apply as it is in a liquid form.

Using ADBL Vampire Light means getting a semi-gel-type remover that works for a longer time on your car paint or wheels. This product is ideal for more severe cases of contamination.

ADBL Vampire, a gel-type iron fallout remover. This product is the thickest among the ones we are naming on this page. Thanks to that, it is the product that works for the longest time on the surface. We use it for the most extreme cases.




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