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CarPro CeriGlass Kit (150ml)


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Carpro CeriGlass Kit

Carpro CeriGlass effortlessly deep cleans and polishes all glass surfaces, offering a unique and user-friendly glass polishing system. This innovation blends special ceramics, nano components, and mild abrasives to tackle acid rain spots, hard water spots, road film, and stubborn bird stains. Additionally, it effectively addresses fine to medium windshield wiper/grit scratches and swirls without distorting the glass.

The kit includes a 150ml bottle of CeriGlass, a CeriGlass hand applicator, and a Microfiber Terry Weaver Towel (16×16). CeriGlass excels with rotary machines for swirls and light scratches and dual-action machines for water spots and fine swirls. The Glass Hand Applicator block simplifies the removal of mild water spots and addresses scratches from windshield wipers and sand grit. Importantly, it avoids distorting glass, a common issue with traditional cerium oxide compounds.

To use, cover the surrounding surfaces, shake the bottle well, apply a small amount on the glass polish pad, and work thoroughly on one section at a time. Spritzing water on the pad when the product dries extends the polish’s life. Repeat as needed, finishing with a stiff foam pad if necessary. Clean the surface thoroughly and, for added protection, wipe down with an Eraser before coating with Flyby30. Achieve impeccable glass clarity with CeriGlass!


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