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CarPro Clear Cut compound 250ml


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Carpro Clear Cut Compound

Carpro Clear Cut compound. Are you tired of endless hours tackling stubborn defects in your car’s paint? Who isn’t, right? CarPro has been on a mission to create a cutting-edge, high-performance compound beyond anything they’ve produced. Introducing CarPro ClearCut—the solution you reach for before your finish polish, like Reflect! This powerful compound is designed to swiftly eliminate defects while providing clear visibility of your progress through the polish.

Within just 1-2 passes, you can witness defects vanishing before your eyes as ClearCut becomes transparent. This unique feature allows you to continue cutting as needed or stop when the defects are gone, leaving you ready for the finishing polish. Sometimes, this next-gen compound may even be a one-step product with the right combinations!

CarPro ClearCut is a highly efficient, fast-acting liquid abrasive built for optimal performance and speed. Its transparency sets it apart—unlike other compounds, ClearCut doesn’t temporarily mask defects only to have them resurface later. With no fillers, a simple Eraser wipe easily removes any remaining lubricants.

Breaking away from the traditional “heavy to light” application method, ClearCut starts with lighter pressure and finishes vital for optimal results. While it may require more compound than traditional ones, ClearCut’s Ginsu-like cutting ability, low dusting, and easy wipe-off make it a game-changer. Say goodbye to wasted hours and hello to efficiency and reduced labour costs!



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