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CarPro Cquartz Lite Entry Level Coating Kit 150ml


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Carpro Cquartz Lite

Introducing CQuartz Lite, the ultimate starter ceramic coating that brings the renowned CQuartz UK Ceramic Coating Technology to a user-friendly and easily applied formula. Serving as a stand-alone ceramic coating lasting over 6 months or as a topcoat for existing CQuartz coatings, CQuartz Lite caters to those seeking the benefits of CQuartz coatings without diving into the professional strength variants.

Designed for enthusiasts not yet ready for professional-grade coatings, CQuartz Lite bridges the gap between traditional sealant technology and the beloved CQuartz Ceramic coatings. Experience easier-to-clean surfaces, resistance to various elements, and protection against harmful UV rays, showcasing a glossy finish with remarkable beading.

CQuartz Lite is formulated with a combination of Sio2 and Tio2 particles, containing over 45% solid materials and proprietary ingredients. Ideal for professional detailers as an entry-level coating or for enthusiasts trying their first ceramic coating, CQuartz Lite is versatile, safe for matte surfaces, and provides a gateway to the world of ceramic coatings.

The 150ml contents include CQ Lite, while the 150ml Kit includes 2 mf hand applicators, CarPro ultra short loop microfiber cloth, and a 3M face mask. Whether you’re curious about ceramic coatings or seeking an entry-level solution, CQuartz has you covered with options ranging from CQuartz Lite to professional-grade coatings. Elevate your car care with CQuartz’s cutting-edge technology!

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