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CarPro Essence Plus 250ml


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Carpro EssencePlus

CarPro Essence Plus is a unique siO2 nano coating made from a blend of ceramic coatings, high gloss resins and hydrophobic nanoparticles. Essence Plus protects uncoated automotive paints and restores existing ceramic coatings. This non-abrasive formula repairs fine swirls in a damaged ceramic coating while increasing hydrophobic properties.
Ceramic coating repair

Most ceramic coatings last about 1 to 2 years, depending on the product used. In the meantime, small scratches and swirls may appear. Instead of removing the previous coating, correcting car paint and starting all over again, use Essence Plus from CarPro to repair damage and preserve your original coating!
Gloss Enhancer

Essence Plus contains no abrasive particles and is called a high gloss jewelling agent used to extend the life of your ceramic coating. The non-abrasive formula repairs fine scratches and swirls, but does so without removing the old ceramic coating.
How do I use CarPro’s gloss enhancer?

Repairing your existing ceramic coating yourself is done with CarPro Essence Plus. Use the steps below.

Shake well before use.
Wash the vehicle with CarPro Reset.
Apply 4 to 5 drops of polishing compound to a soft polishing pad.
Dab the compound evenly over a section.
Spread the gloss enhancer with your polisher on speed 1 (dual action).
Increase the speed to 3 (dual action) and do a maximum of 60x60cm
Follow with light pressure to clean.
Remove residue with a clean microfiber cloth.




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