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CarPro Essence Gloss Primer 250ml


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Carpro Essence Primer

CarPro is once again steering the wheels of innovation with the groundbreaking CarPro Essence! This unique concoction blends nano-tech Quartz, high-gloss durable resins, and fine abrasives at a microscopic level to create something truly revolutionary. CarPro Essence doesn’t just leave a remarkable high-gloss finish; it comes packed with semi-permanent fillers and protective capabilities, all seamlessly integrated!

When paired with a cutting pad, Essence reveals unexpected cutting power, while using a CarPro gloss pad armed with Essence achieves a level of gloss that was once only a dream. But don’t mistake it for a mere polish…

In less time than it takes to polish a car with conventional products, CarPro Essence not only removes swirls but also builds a thick ultra-glossy resin layer with semi-permanent durability that can last up to 12 months! And the best part? It wipes off effortlessly!

Remarkably, Essence leaves behind a perfectly smooth, deep, reflective, primed layer that acts as an ideal foundation for building upon with CQuartz or Reload! The primer attribute revolutionizes the application of CQuartz, making it easier than ever and seamlessly bonding together to create a shell of extreme gloss and protection.




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