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CarPro Fixer Medium Compound


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Carpro Fixer Medium Cut Compound

CarPro Fixer Polish is the most versatile compound and polish available, catering to all paint surfaces. Its impressive capabilities include the removal of 1500 grit sand scratches and addressing scratches, marring, haze, and swirl marks on freshly painted, soft, medium, hard, and even ceramic scratch-resistant paints. Whether you choose wool, microfiber, or foam, Fixer adapts seamlessly.

The fine nano-finishing powders in Fixer ensure a flawless cut with fewer passes, leaving behind an unparalleled wet, mirror-like finish. It’s not just another polishing compound; Fixer has been meticulously designed and manufactured from the ground up to deliver perfect results in less time. Capable of eliminating 80-95% of light to medium paint imperfections, Fixer achieves a showroom car finish with unmatched efficiency, requiring fewer steps than other compounds/polishes.

This new-generation polishing compound utilizes Nano components, making it the most versatile on the market. Tiny diminishing abrasives ensure a precise cut depending on the pad and techniques employed.

However, refining your technique when using Fixer to unlock its full potential is crucial. Not all correctional polishes work the same on all paint types; Fixer is no exception. Users need to explore how to maximize the polish’s capabilities. Fixer performs excellently at lower speeds (600 – 1200rpm) and is compatible with a range of pads, from wool to finishing foams. It doesn’t require high speeds for optimal performance, with a maximum working speed of 1200rpm typically sufficient. Increasing speed with slow, fluid, overlapping motions can be beneficial for certain defects and paint types after the polish has been spread and heated.






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