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CarPro Pearl 500ml


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Carpro Perl

CarPro PERL Coat stands out as a concentrated, versatile, water-based protective coating designed for plastics and rubber, delivering exceptional UV protection. This water-based, dilutable product covers a wide range of tasks within car care. It not only restores the like-new appearance of hard exterior plastic surfaces but also maintains their aesthetics with robust UV and hydrophobic protection.

Flexible materials like rubber, plastic, and leather are susceptible to damage from the sun, gradually fading and becoming brittle and cracked over time. PERL Coat defies these effects, changing the rules of protection. It offers excellent protection, lasting up to three months on interior and engine surfaces. The durability on exterior surfaces may vary depending on the type of plastic and exposure in your environment. While it can protect exterior surfaces for up to three months, constant rainy conditions may lead to an earlier fading of darkness on some plastics and tires.

For those seeking a dedicated, extremely long-lasting exterior trim coating, CarPro recommends exploring their “CarPro DLux” product.


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