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Leather Steering Wheel Restoration Kit (Black)


This kit includes everything you need to re-colour ‘Black’ steering wheels with DIY method. If your steering wheel is worn you can improve its appearance very quickly.





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In stock

Leather Steering Wheel Restoration Kit Black

This leather steering wheel restoration kit is ideal for DIY. The kit is very easy to use, it doesn’t require skill or specialized equipment. If your steering wheel is worn you can improve its appearance very quickly without breaking the bank.

how to fix worn steering wheel

The kit includes:

  1. 50ml Black ready to use leather dye
  2. 100ml Leather solvent Cleaner (degreaser)
  3. 2x Sanding Pad
  4. 1x Dabbing Sponge
  5. 2 x wiping cloths
  6. 150 ml  Leather Cleaner Power
  7. 1x leather Cleaning Brush

How to restore the leather steering wheel?

The process is very simple. However, to perform successful restoration follow these steps:

1. Clean the leather thoroughly with a dedicated leather cleaner. It is important to remove all the dirt from the surface. After cleaning the leather remove dirt and excess leather cleaner with cleaning wipes.

cleaning leather steering wheel

how to clean leather

2. When you complete cleaning the leather, the next step is sanding. This step is very important as you need to create a grip for the fresh paint. Use the sanding pad that comes in the steering wheel restoration kit. Make sure you sand the surface thoroughly. Be careful when you sand the leather close to the stitching. Sanding can damage the stitching. But if you pay a bit of attention you will easily avoid causing damage.

steering wheel restoration

3. When you complete the sanding, degrease the surface with solvent cleaner and cleaning wipes.

leather restoration ireland

After degreasing dry the leather with a heat gun or hair dryer, even though the leather may be dry in touch leave it for 1-2 hours before applying the paint. The time brake will let the moisture that may be still in the leather evaporate fully.

How to restore the leather with leather dye?

4. Now you are ready for applying the paint. Shake the bottle well, before you apply it to the leather. Apply a small bit of the leather paint onto the sponge that you will find in the steering wheel restoration kit.

leather dye

Then start to apply the leather dye onto the leather by dabbing. Avoid straight movements as this may cause traces on the finish. Dabbing is the best solution, it may take more time but this way you will achieve a very nice finish. Apply only a tiny coat at a time. When you finish the first coat dry it with a heat gun or hair dryer before you will apply the second coat.

how to restore steering wheel

how to fix leather

When the first coat is fully dry, apply the second one and dry it. Keep going with coats until you will achieve desired results. It usually takes 2-4 coats depending on wear. If your steering wheel has scratches or some deeper imperfections, consider ordering a leather filler that is not included in our steering wheel restoration kit. Click here to order it.

And Voila!! The job is finished, now you can see the difference that this simple solution makes!!

leather steering wheel dye

If you need leather dye for different colours contact us on 0872619541 or 0870975758 or send us an email at hello@ocddetailing.ie We also provide leather restoration services and leather restoration training.




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