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OCD Detailing Purple Wool Pad DA


OCD Detailing Purple Wool Pad for DA ( Dual Action Polisher) is the perfect solution for the heavy cutting stage, especially on harder paints.



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In stock

OCD Detailing Dual Action Wool Pad

OCD Detailing Purple Wool Pad for DA ( Dual Action Polisher) is the perfect solution for the heavy cutting stage. It’s ideal for removing heavy imperfections on harder paints. You can use this pad on any dual-action polisher with a 5-inch backing plate. This pad works excellently with any heavy-cutting compound. It took us a long time to find good-quality wool pads for da at the right price. However, finally, we have it.

How to use it?
Prime the DA wool pad with a sufficient amount of compound ( 5-6 drops). Apply 3-4 drops of the compound. Spread it on a section about 16 by 16 inches on the first or second gear of the polisher.
Then increase the speed significantly and move the polisher slowly with a tiny bit of pressure. Make sure you overlap all passes. After 4-5 passes wipe off the compound with a dry cloth. Then use a panel wipe and inspection torch to see the actual result.

How to clean wool pads for DA?
To get the best out of polishing pads, whether sponge, wool or microfiber pads, you need to clean them. Ideally, you clean them after each set of passes. The most effective way of cleaning wool pads is using pressured air. However, you can use a polishing pad cleaning brush if you don’t have access to a compressor. Turn on the polisher in first gear and push the cleaning brush slightly to the DA wool pad. After a while, the brush will remove the excess compound from the wool pad. When you finish the job, completely clean the pad in warm water. You can also use microfibre cleaner to get the perfect cleaning. After cleaning, let it dry naturally. Avoid drying wool pads for DA in a humble dryer.

polishing pad cleaning brush

Is one wool pad for DA enough to complete a full car?
You may be lucky, and it may be enough. Regular cleaning during polishing will help a lot. However, I would recommend having at least two pads, ideally three and rotating them during polishing. When you use one pad constantly, you will abuse it, and it may lose some of its properties due to constant work. Rotating pads will give you better results and increase your pads’ lifespan.


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