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How to maintain ceramic coatings ?

How to Maintain Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are a valuable investment for protecting your car’s paintwork in the long run. They provide a glossy finish, repel liquids, and shield against harmful contaminants. However, it is a misconception to think that applying a ceramic coating eliminates the need for maintenance. The coating will degrade prematurely without proper upkeep, leaving your paintwork vulnerable to chemicals and road and weather conditions.

It requires regular maintenance to ensure that your ceramic coating continues to provide its benefits for an extended period. This article will discuss the best ways to maintain your ceramic coating effectively.

Recommended maintenance Kit

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Here is a list of products that we recommend for the maintenance of ceramic coatings.

Prewash: Dirty Car ADBL Alkaline Foam / Cleantle TFR , Cleaner car: ADBL Yeti / Cleantle Citrus Foam

PH Neutral Shampoo: Good Stuff Pure \ ADBL Snowball / Cleantle Daily Shampoo / Swag Neutral Shampoo

Low PH Shampoo: ADBL Tangy / Cleantle Tech Cleaner / Good Stuff Sour / FX Protect Arctic Shampoo

Buckets: Work Stuff Detailing Buckets

Wash Mitt: ADBL Pro mitt / Work Stuff Storm

Drying Towel: OCD Detailing Premium Drying Towel / Work Stuff King / ADBL Twisted Towel

Booster: AQUA Booster / FX Protect Graphene Booster

Booster for regular maintenance: ADBL Ceramic QD / Ultracoat Ceramic Detailer

Spray on Booster: Ultra Coat Ceramic Soap

Tar Remover: Vasco Prewash

Iron Fallout Remover: ADBL Vampire Liquid

How often should I wash the ceramic coated cars?

Avoid washing your car for at least 7 days after applying the ceramic coating. This allows the coating to cure correctly and ensures its effectiveness. However, rinse your vehicle with a power washer if it gets filthy within the first few days. You can do it even 1 or 2 days from the application. But make sure you don’t use any chemicals.

Regularly wash your car. The hydrophobic nature of the ceramic coating makes it difficult for dirt and smudges to stick, but small degrading materials can still embed into the coating. Washing your car every one to two weeks will help protect and maintain the ceramic coating.

When washing your car, avoid doing it in direct sunlight as it can cause water spots and streaks. Instead, wash your car under a shade or in the garage to achieve a spot-free surface.

Start from prewash; use a product that is adequate to the dirt for regular washes. If the car is not too dirty, use PH-neutral snow foam; use balanced alkaline prewash or snow foam for heavy soil. First, rinse the vehicle well with a pressure washer. Then spray your prewash solution and leave it for a few minutes. Then rinse it off thoroughly. If you do this step correctly, you will minimise causing any marks on your paint.

how to maintain ceramic coatingsceramic coatings

Which shampoo is the best for washing cars with ceramic coatings?

Use a PH-neutral car shampoo. They are also wax-free, making it easier to clean your car without damaging the coating. Every couple of weeks, use low PH car shampoo; this will unclog your coating. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the coating properties at all times.

Follow the two-bucket method when washing your car to prevent swirls from dirt and pebbles. Use one bucket for washing and another for rinsing. The wash bucket should contain water and car shampoo, while the rinse bucket should contain pure water. Dip the wash mitt in the wash bucket to clean a specific section of the car, then rinse it in the rinse bucket to remove any dirt or contaminants before moving on to the next section.

Wash your car from top to bottom, one section at a time, using a wash mitt soaked in the washing solution. This helps avoid cross-contamination and ensures thorough cleaning. Rinse the mitt regularly during the process.

how to maintain ceramic coatings

Use separate buckets and mitts to clean the wheels, as they tend to be the dirtiest part of the car. Brake dust, which contains small metallic fragments, can damage the ceramic coating if it comes into contact with the coated paint.

What to use for drying cars?

For drying, use a high-quality twisted loop or microfibre drying towel. You can also use an airblower, a very effective tool for drying cars.

Immediately remove contaminants such as bird droppings, bug splatters, and tree sap from your coated paint. These substances are acidic and can degrade the ceramic coating.

Use maintenance boosters designed explicitly for ceramic coatings. These products protect the paint and restore the coating’s hydrophobicity. Apply maintenance boosters every 2-3 months after washing your car. Avoid using wax or other sealants, as they can hinder the functionality of the ceramic coating.

Every 3-4 months, perform a deep cleaning of the paint. You should also remove tar and iron fallout compared to the standard maintenance wash. We recommend Vasco Prewash, contactless tar remover, and ADBL Vampire Liquid Iron Fallout Remo for these steps.

vasco prewash contactless tar removeriron fallout remover

What should I avoid when maintaining a car?

Avoid automated car washes that use brushes, as they can cause damage to the ceramic coating. If you need to go to a car wash, opt for a touchless car wash instead.

Schedule an annual maintenance checkup with the detailer who applied the ceramic coating. They can rejuvenate the layer and restore your car’s shine and protection.

Failure to maintain your ceramic coating properly can lead to several issues:

Loss of shine: Without proper maintenance, the ceramic coating wears out, causing your car to lose its shine.

Reduced hydrophobicity: The hydrophobic nature of the ceramic coating diminishes when not maintained regularly, resulting in contaminants sticking to the surface instead of repelling.

In conclusion, a ceramic coating requires regular maintenance to preserve its shine and functionality. Following the recommended maintenance tips ensures that your investment in a ceramic coating pays off in the long run. Feel free to ask for assistance if you have any questions about ceramic coatings or other car-related issues. Tel: 0872619541 , Ferbane Co.Offaly R42YR27

Check our YouTube video showing the correct method of washing ceramic-coated cars.